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Shark Diving in Australia

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Australia is probably not the 1st area that comes into head if you think about swimming with sharks. But basically Australia is really a terrific place to swim and dive with shark diving .

Australia may be the location for almost everything from the very simple one-day aquarium shark dive to your several-day live-aboard scuba shark diving expedition. It is usually possible to try cage diving.

Would you would like to endeavor to scuba dive with grey nurse sharks and wobbygong sharks? Then you certainly ought to go to South West Rocks, that’s voted one of the major 10 scuba dive web pages in Australia. Sheer walls plunge to an average depth of 30 meters within an area that may be rarely affected by current.

However, if you desire the largest thrill of these all, a great white shark dive, you don’t have to check out South Africa. Australia is a excellent area for this specific variety of scuba diving.

One possibility for excellent white shark cage diving in Australia goes on a shark diving tour from Sydney. But additional well-known departure factors for excellent white shark diving expeditions are Adelaide and Port Lincoln in South Australia.

Both spots are fantastic departure details from live-aboard expeditions to wonderful white shark diving spots. From possibly Adelaide or Port Lincoln you sail for the Southern Ocean across the Neptune Islands. And even though you might be performing the vacation to check out the great white shark, you may as well discover a number of other fascinating animals like dolphins, fur seals and lots of bird species. Even the gorgeous and rare Australian sea lion might be seen within the islands.

So if you in no way have attempted a terrific white shark cage dive so you are on getaway in Australia, you have got the choice to try it for the first time. If you are not into numerous days of shark diving expeditions, a more easy way to dive with sharks are in an aquarium. Australia has many areas to do that; like Melbourne, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast.

Ordinarily you might be supplied an introduction to diving (should you aren’t a certified diver). Certified scuba diver can usually skip the pool follow. Following the practice and introduction to the sharks, you’re introduced down during the massive tanks. Generally it is usually attainable to feed the sharks. As well as your loved ones can observe you from your exterior.

So if you believe a fantastic white shark dive is a tiny as well thrilling and hard, an aquarium shark dive is usually a smart way to discover those amazing animals near up. No matter if want to test the last word shark dive with good white sharks or the more soothing aquarium shark dive, Australia is a fantastic location to do it.